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            Haining Kove Bearing Co.,Ltd

              No 1 Lianbao Road, Dingqiao   Qianjiang Industrial Zone,
              Haining City,Zhejiang,P,R,   China

              Post code:314400




              Mobile phone:+86-13736418998

              QQ:342389023 Skype:Lk10012


                 Founded in 2005, Haining Kove Bearing Co.,Ltd is a privated owned high technology company, which focuses on developing ,researching and manufacturing diversified material of special bearings and structures. As a sizable and competitive special bearings manufactory, Kova integrates research, design, manufacture, sale and service together. High class production equipments and test methods can meet wide range of requirement to produce all type, specification, precision level and special bearings. Kove’s main products include ceramic structures, full ceramic bearings, hybrid construction ceramic ball bearings, high performance plastic bearings, nonmagnetic stainless steel bearings and other kinds of un-standard special bearings. High specialty likes self-lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, chemical resistance, cavitation resistance, nonmagnetic insulated, high/low temper resistance. Kove’s productsare widely used in assembling of semiconductor, petrol, chemical, electrical, food, medical, marine, aerial industries.
                   The company has professional senior engineers specifying in design of various toolings and special bearings with high performance, who have excellent R&D and design capability as well as abundant experience in manufacturing technology and application for production solutions.


            Full ceramic bearing 
            ZrO2 material
            Full ceramic plain bearing
            Full ceramic bearing
            Al2O3 material

            Full ceramic bearing 
            Si3N4 material
            Full ceramic bearing
            SiC material

            Full ceramic bearing of
            full complementballs

            Full ceramic bearing
            with ceramic retainer
            Hybrid construction
            ceramic ball bearing

            Engineering ceramic
            ctructural parts
            Technical data for Full
            ceramic bearings

            Precision plastic bearings

            Anti-Corrosion plastic


            High temperature appliap
            -plication plastic bearings

            Plastic inserts﹠
            Plastic pillow blocks
            Technical data for
            plastic bearings

            Stainless steel bearings 

            and AISISUS440C,
            Stainless steel spherical
            steel housing
            Technical data for
            Stainless steel bearings

            Auto bearing
            Technical data for Auto

            All of technical data

            Angular contact ball
            Technical data for
            Angular contact ball